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Rail Transportation

Samuel Roll Form Group (RFG) serves the railcar and rail transportation industry as an innovative supplier of rail car parts and custom made steel formed products.

Load Bearing Structural Components

For over 35 years we have specialized in supplying one-piece structural railcar components. These components often serve as the "backbone" of a railcar and have demanding requirements. Products we have supplied include the centre sill of railcars - the main structural element for carrying loads and transferring the centrifugal forces from car to car.

Railcar Accessories​

Samuel RFG's division specifically serving the railcar market is known for over two decades of producing railcar doors, boxcar floors, uncoupling levers, and roofs. Centrally located and uniquely positioned in the industry, we have a full range of products to make Samuel RFG​ a one-stop shop for railcar manufacturing. Our engineering department also provides enhanced resources for product development. ​