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​​Rail Produ​cts


For over a decade, we have been designing and building box car plug doors and sliding doors. Both door types are all welded, high-strength steel and meet or exceed all American Association of Railroads requirements. Our box car doors can be used to replace doors manufactured by all box car door manufacturers or car builders.
Image of boxcar door made by Stanrail


Another proven product for repair, rebuilding, and new car construction is nailable steel flooring (NSF). Our NSF is approved by the American Association of Railroads when applicable. Nail grooves permit blocking to be nailed directly to the floor. We also provide NSF accessories: end angles, take-up angles, side closure strips, deck fillers, groove filler, and anti-skid surfaces.
Image of railcar floor made by Stanrail


We design, manufacture & sell all types of uncoupling levers, and we are the leading supplier to the industry.
Image of railcar lever made by Stanrail


Boxcar roofs were among the first railroad supply products manufactured by this location. The product line has since grown and diversified. We now produce a number of different box car roofs including the Stanlite, Redi Roof I & II, narrow, mid, wide and auto rack roofs. Additional products and services include: boxcar ends, gondola ends, ready-to-ship replacement roof kits, custom replacement roof sheets for repair shops, and new car programs.
Image of railcar roofs made by Stanrail


As well as manufacturing auto rack roofs, the most recent addition to our continually evolving product line is the corrugated side panel and associated parts. Long and short corrugated side panels of various hole configurations are offered, along with long and short anti-pilferage (closure) panels. Both panel types meet or exceed all American Association of Railroads requirements.
Image of railcar side panel auto racks made by Stanrail


Samuel Roll Form Group's exclusive "Samson Strong Plate" roll formed channel. Product uses include: Construction / access mats, trench cover plates, retaining shields, and barge / marine decks.
Image of steel construction mat made by Stanrail